Email tracking made easy, for all your accounts

Ever wonder what happens to your emails after you hit send?

With Email Tracking, you get to know who read your email and when. It adds context to your conversations. But unfortunately, all the email tracking tools out there are messy, and mostly work with Gmail only, on Chrome. 80% of emailing is now done on mobile devices which throws in even more complications for email tracking tools.

Newton provides a comprehensive Email Tracking solution that works with all email services — including Exchange, IMAP, Google Apps, iCloud, Gmail, Outlook and Office 365, and on all your devices, be it iPhone, iPad, Android or Mac.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, office workers, managers, CEOs, developers are using Newton’s email tracking feature every day to support their outreach efforts further.

How does it work?

Email tracking functions are available on all devices with Newton Mail installed, allowing you instant access to the feature from the start, no installs, no messy instructions.

Simple, clear blue ticks appear when your email has been read by the recipient.

Newton will notify you, if you request, when an email has been read. This could be an important email where timing and alertness is key.

Read status updates are great for PR, marketing and many more professions looking to be ready for the responses coming to them. Through this read status you can also view where the email has been accessed so you know if your recipient is viewing this on holiday or not.

We’ve named email tracking functionality within Newton, Read Receipts.

You can opt into using this feature, but hitting “Notify when read” allows you to get notifications for individual emails sent through.

Normally read receipts extension options charge you (between $4 to $10 per month) and only work on one account like Gmail or Outlook and only on the web versions, never offline too. They are also tough to plug in, requiring you to install different tools for different browsers. This is messy.

Newton Mail’s receipts work across all platforms on all email accounts, which makes the experience even easier. You can know the read status of an email you sent from your Mac on your mobile too.

This is incredibly useful for workers who want to be notified when the person they need to speak to has read your email. This can help prepare you for an incoming email from the recipient. It’ll also help hurry up conversations and give you context before your next message to them.

Want to try the Read Receipt feature on Newton Mail?

Try the 14-day free trial here and get some peace of mind over your emails today.

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If you are looking for a nice email app that works across iOS, Android and Mac, give Newton a spin!

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